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Can I have an Estate Plan with my LGBTQ+ Partner?

Jan 8

Do I need a Trust? 

The answer is yes! It is essential that no matter who you love, you are able to have an estate plan. A Revocable Living trust is a set of documents that help identify who you would like to be in charge of your bank accounts, assets, and property.

Although, the question a lot of couples may have is, do we have to be married? The answer is no. When making a Revocable Living Trust, it is not necessary to be married whether you are a same sex couple or not. This also applies to common law married couples or couples that live together. What ever the situation maybe it is important to sit down with an Estate Planning attorney to make sure that you have in writing what you and your partner would like to go into your trust.


There are many examples of why you may need a Trust Package, however one of the main reasons why you and your partner need one is to help determine what to do if you are incapacitated. If your significant other is incapacitated, you legally do not have the paperwork to say where her estate will or what to do with her bank accounts. It is important to have al of this in order no matter what your age. If you are considering starting a family or not, you must decide where your assets will go after you pass.


Whether you and your partner have a child, adopt, or have a mixed family, it is essential for you to talk about the needs involved. If there are children is adds to the need of making sure that if something happens to you then you are able to assure that your child or loved ones child is safe and protected. Even if you have not legalized your marriage or partnership, it is important to remember that you want to protect your partner and your family.


If you or your loved one passes away without an estate plan, then there will be a large expense with probate. The consequences of no estate planning is that you will have to go through the long and expensive process of probate. It is essential for you to hire an estate planning or probate attorney to help with this matter, if not there is a large margin for error.


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