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What surface should children do tummy time on?

May 22

Tummy time surfaces

Timmy time is an essential exercise for babies as it helps them develop the neck, shoulder, and back muscles needed for crawling and sitting up.

When selecting a surface for tummy time, it needs to be comfortable and safe for the child.

A soft, flat surface such as a blanket, play mat, or carpeted floor is the best for tummy time. Hard or uneven surfaces like hardwood floors or uneven grass can make the baby uncomfortable. It's best to keep a close watch on the baby during tummy time to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

Additionally, avoid using soft surfaces like pillows or cushions as they pose a suffocation risk to the baby.


Is a play mat necessary for tummy time?

While a play mat is not completely necessary for tummy time, it can be a helpful tool to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for your baby. A good play mat provides a soft and cushioned surface for your baby to lie on, which can reduce the risk of discomfort or injury.

Play mats also often come with toys and other features that can help to keep your baby engaged and entertained during tummy time.

However, if you don't have a play mat, you can still do tummy time on a soft and clean surface such as a blanket or a carpet. Just make sure to always supervise your baby during tummy time and stop if your baby seems uncomfortable or unhappy.


Can I do tummy time on the grass with my child?

Yes, you can definitely do tummy time on the grass with your child! It actually has some added benefits as opposed to just doing it indoors.

First of all, the texture of the grass provides sensory stimulation for your child, which can aid in their development. Secondly, being outside and exposed to natural light and fresh air can improve mood and decrease stress levels for both you and your child.

Just be sure to choose a safe location with no sharp objects and keep a close eye on your child at all times to ensure their safety. Additionally, you may want to bring a blanket or towel to lay on the grass to provide a soft surface for your child. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors with your little one!


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