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Sour Patch Kids Strain

Oct 14

Sour Patch Kids marijuana strain is a slightly Indica-dominant (60/40) hybrid cross between the Sour Diesel and Sour Kush strains. The effects of SPK come on quick and strong, which is no surprise considering its 24-31% average THC level, as well as its CBD average of between 0.37% and 1.11%. Newer smokers should start slow with this potent strain. In moderation, anyone can enjoy its energy-boosting high. 

Sour Patch Kids Strain buds are equally impressive, with tiny, dense, round nugs like Sour Diesel but thickly coated with golden and purple crystal trichomes and thin amber hairs. It is stunning, and the smell is also to die for, with sweet and sour lime and diesel fragrance you won’t be able to forget. Sour Patch Kids cannabis strain is a great choice for growers, especially the more advanced grower or someone looking for an adventurous growing experience. Although this strain may be somewhat difficult to grow, those who master its tricks are well rewarded.