URA reveals the reason it issued Kingsford Huray’s sale licence for Normanton Park

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), ahead of Normanton Park’s preview on January 2, 2021, has responded to 99.co’s additional queries about developer Kingsford Huray‘s sales licence. This was obtained on 30 Nov 2020 and included additional conditions.

The URA spokesperson stated that the URA had previously issued a no sale license for the condominium project of 1,863 units in January 2019. This was because the developer failed to comply with the requirements for a sale license.

On failing to meet requirements for a sale licence, the URA spokesperson attributed it to the fact that the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) had found that “some building works at Kingsford Waterbay (an earlier project by Kingsford) had deviated from requirements under the Building Control Act and Regulations.”

“Feedback received from buyers of Kingsford Hillview Peak, another project by the developer, was also taken into consideration.”

Kingsford Huray has addressed shortcomings “satisfactorily”.

URA’s decision not to issue Kingsford Huray a sale licence was, according to URA spokesperson, because Kingsford Huray had since “completed [its] Kingsford Waterbay Project satisfactorily with Certificate of Statutory Completion(CSC) and titles.”

The spokesperson for URA stated that the Kingsford Hillview Peak project was also issued with CSC titles and titles. He also indicated that the developer had taken steps to address the concerns previously raised by homebuyers.

“Taking these factors into account, the Controller of Housing lifted a no-sale condition to issue a sale license to the developer for its project on the former Normanton Park location on 30 November 2020. According to the spokesperson for the URA, the sale of units by the developer is subject to the sale license conditions.

“To ensure that a high-quality housing project is available to home buyers, the sale license conditions require the developer complete the Quality Mark assessment. This measures the quality workmanship in each dwelling unit in a private residential development on the former Normanton Park site. Before [it can apply] for the] Temporary Obcupation Permit.”

The URA Controller of Housing was alerted to listings on third-party portals listing MCC Land as co-developer of Normanton Park. He is now following up with Kingsford Huray Development Pte. Ltd. to resolve the matter.

URA clarified that Kingsford Huray Development Pte. Ltd. is the sole licensed developer for the Normanton Park Project. The Housing Developers Rules require licensed developers to make sure there are no misleading statements, information, or materials in advertisements.

With the confidence that URA has given, Normanton Park sales are expected to receive a good welcome as the attributes such as the location and the site itself, is a huge advantage to prospective homebuyers.

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